Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Rock it scientist

If you want to know the story of Brian May, just look to his hair.

This is clearly the hair of a rock star.

Or is it the hair of astrophysicist?

Actually, it's both.

May has been a bona fide rock star since he joined up with Queen back in the 1970s. Now he's earned his astrophysics credentials, too: He finished his doctoral thesis defense at Imperial College, London in August.

Why is this story so appealing? Sure, astrophysicists like it because it proves rock stars and astrophysicists aren't so different after all--something they (the PhDs, not the rockers) had long suspected.

But I think it speaks to anyone under the spell of a dream that got away--the possibility of two fully realized careers, of returning to the fork in the road and trying out the path you missed the first time.

So, congratulations Dr. May!

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